Talc compound:

It is some type of polypropylene compound which are used because of its good impact strength in applications exposed to impacts and cold air. It has also high process features and proper harness and impact strength. This makes this product suitable for various automotive parts such as battery, dashboard and home appliances.


  • Kitchen containers
  • Production of automotive parts
  • Home appliances

 Technical specifications of the product are as follows:

Properties Value Dimension Test Method
Melt Flow Rate (230 °C, 2.16 kg) 6.5 gr/10min ASTM D1238
Density 1.14 gr/cm^3 ASTM D 792
Shore D Hardness 76 - ISO 868
Tensile Strength @Yield 33 MPa ISO 527
Tensile Elongation @Break 18 % ISO 527
Izod Impact Strength (Notched) at 23 °C 3.3 KJ/m^2 ISO 180
Charpy Impact Strength (Notched) at 23 °C 3.7 KJ/m^2 ISO 179
H.D.T (1.8 MPa) 74 °C ISO 75
Vicat softening point (50 N) 100 °C ISO 306


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