PNR-340-R Polypropylene


PNR-340-R Polypropylene


It is a random polypropylene copolymer with high melt flow rates and excellent transparency and optical features and may be chosen for applications needing appropriate transparency and appearance. This product is suitable for injection molding and injection stretch molding. High melt flow rates of this grade makes it possible to have short process cycles and energy savings as compared with other products with lower melt flow rates.In random polypropylene copolymer, ethylene monomers are placed irregularly and separately in the polymer chain. This feature leads to very small sizes of ethylene particles in the polymer structure and doesn't block lights causing transparency of the copolymer. Nucleus removing agents are sued in order to increase transparency of random polypropylene copolymer.


  • Thin wall containers and home containers
  • Packaging of food, cosmetics, sanitary and medical supplies
  • Sport supplies and toys

 Technical specifications of the product are as follows:

Melt Flow Rate (230 oC, 2.16kg) 24-28 gr/10min ASTM D1238
Density 0.90 gr/cm3 ASTM D1505
Flexural Modulus  1100  MPa  ASTM D790
Tensile Strength at Yield  27  MPa  ASTM D638
Elongation at Yield  13  %  ASTM D638
Izod Impact Strength (notched) at 23 oC  5  kj/m^2  ASTM D256
Vicat softening point (9.8N)  130  ° C  ASTM D1525
H.D.T. (0.46 Mpa)  85  ° C  ASTM D648


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